A Real Life Cozy Coupe


By: Connor Lenahan

Just as a general rule, if you are bringing back any of the amazing things from my childhood that existed in the 90s, I will likely end up writing about them. Remember last year when I bought myself a Nintendo 64? And my parents think I can live on my own and manage my own money.

A story came across the internet today about a mechanic in England who did what literally every child in history has wanted to do: Make a real, live, street legal, Cozy Coupe. If you don’t know what this is off the top of your head, how? The Cozy Coupe was the toy car that almost everyone had. Even though my youngest sibling is 16 I think we still have one (or potentially three) of these cars at my house.

What’s especially hilarious about this car, besides the extreme accuracy – no windows – is the fact that it can genuinely drive. It hits 70MPH and everything. You know what this means? I want one. Nay, I need one. The video below says it took this guy 1,000 hours to make. If he’s willing to go 1,000 more, I am willing to pay $52.45 for my own real life Cozy Coupe. The offer is out there, let’s get me a car.