Tracy Morgan is Home


By: Connor Lenahan

If you’ve looked at Unbreakable over the last few months you would be able to see a few stories that tend to continue to be updated through time. The one in question today is the return to performing by Tracy Morgan. Tracy was notably in a car accident in July 2014. It wasn’t clear for over a year whether or not he’d be able to get back to being one of the funniest comedians working or not.

Last night was going to be a real test. Tracy came back home and hosted Saturday Night Live to much excitement. I normally never watch SNL live – mainly because who is going to be up that late watching TV on a Saturday (well, I guess that doesn’t really explain things, but still) – but last night I made sure to see every single bit.

He was terrific. Self deprecating at points, and tear jerking at other, he was just terrific. Everything you could have wanted and more. Here is his opening monologue, and Hulu has more clips from the show, which you should really check out. But best of all, just be happy that Tracy Morgan is finally home.