Rest Easy, Melvin


By: Connor Lenahan

Since moving to Boston in 2013 for school I have spent a lot of time in and around Kenmore Square. The last two summers I have lived less than 50 feet from the massive intersection that connects downtown, Fenway, Boston University and more. As a result I also got to become regular with Melvin Ramos. Melvin was a homeless man that spent his time right around the corner from Kilachand Hall, my summer home these past two years. Every time I would pass by we would wave to each other, ask how we were doing, and smile.

It is genuinely painful to write that in the past tense. The New England School of Photography, located right next to Melvin’s stoop, posted on Facebook that they’ve learned of his passing. I only just saw that post tonight.

Melvin had a fairly remarkable story – better details of which could be found here – but can, should, and will be remembered by students of both NESOP and BU as being such a kind man. I always loved getting to see him when I’d go out to the city. Hopefully he’s somewhere nice with no snow and a big homestead for him. He absolutely deserves it.

Rest easy to one of the nicer souls I knew here in Boston, and thank you for always waving hi to me.