Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Gronkowski Smash

By: Connor Lenahan I’m not really exaggerating in saying that when Rob Gronkowski went down clutching his knee last night I was terrified. I think that was the most scared that I have… Continue reading

What Adele Just Did

By: Connor Lenahan Unless you live under a rock at the bottom of the ocean and fraternize with sponges and squids, you have seen that Adele, the apparent queen of the known universe,… Continue reading

Holidays Are Here

By: Connor Lenahan Boston University is one of the few schools amongst those attended by my friends and I that doesn’t get a week off for Thanksgiving. No, while my brother Chase, who… Continue reading

Black Friday, Featuring Kendrick and J. Cole

By: Connor Lenahan Who knew Christmas was actually going to be on November 27th this year? While most of the country was out shopping to their heart’s content, two of the biggest names… Continue reading

The Thanksgiving Power Rankings

By: Connor Lenahan The true holiday season is with us at long last. A happy Thanksgiving to you from us (well, me) at Unbreakable. I’m thankful that you’ve joined me today so we… Continue reading

XFL 2015: Our Too-Early Playoff Preview

By: Connor Lenahan There are two games left in our XFL schedule before the playoffs, but it continues to look like we will know who makes the bracket in the end. With only… Continue reading

My Stand Up Debut

By: Connor Lenahan Last night at long last I got to do stand up at the Flat Waffle Comedy Hour and it went surprisingly well. Like, people laughed and everything! It was terrific,… Continue reading

James Jones and The Hoodie

By: Connor Lenahan The NFL has an absurdly strict uniform policy. It seems as though there are bylaws and league rules in place to micromanage players looks down to the tiniest of details.… Continue reading

Doing Stand Up

By: Connor Lenahan I have done stand up comedy only once in my life. I, oddly, won a talent show in high school by doing it, despite the fact that my set wasn’t… Continue reading

I Love Hiccup Kid

By: Connor Lenahan One of my biggest fears in life is to be struck by inopportune hiccups. That’s because I have to speak on a microphone regularly for the sake of announcing games.… Continue reading