By: Connor Lenahan

This article you are reading is the 700th that will be posted here on Unbreakable. 700. Not a typo there. And yes, I’m just as shocked as anyone that this has been going on this long.

I love writing articles for Unbreakable every day. As I’ve said time and time again this is my favorite thing in the world to get to do. I think it’s when I see this odometer of articles turn over every couple of months that I continuously get shocked.

Tonight is a cool night to get to. Thank you for checking in every so often and supporting the cause. Thank you for giving me reason to have this be my favorite thing to do each day.

Tomorrow we get back to our big football breakdown from Week 8 and the rest of the week we will have special college basketball editions of the Unbreakable Podcast. This is going to get very fun. Hope that you stick around until post number 1,400 and beyond.