Terrier Madness

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By: Connor Lenahan

Tomorrow night is what I have been waiting on for months now. Terrier Madness, the latest big project I’ve helped with over at Boston University Athletics, will go live at 10PM, and it is going to be insane.

For the past few months we have been working diligently to make sure that this season for the BU Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams gets off not only on the right track, but better than ever. Earlier this school year we got to see the Terrier Tailgate explode beyond even our wildest expectations from a planning standpoint. Tomorrow night is almost certainly going to be better.

It’s not a secret that I’m a huge basketball fan, so having a proper event to kickoff the season made me giddy from the outset. But hearing all the crazy stuff that is going to happen during the event made me look at my phone every 35 seconds hoping that I would have somehow time traveled to November 5th.

I’m not spoiling anything by sharing some details with you. If you’re a fellow BU Terrier, take this as your call to action. What else would you be doing at 10PM tomorrow? Better yet, what could you do that could get you tons of valuable free stuff? Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  1. Free giveaways for fans including prizes like a Beats Pill speaker and Cash Gift Cards
  2. A dunk contest featuring some creative, high-flying players from the Men’s team
  3. A three point contest between some of the best long-range snipers in the Patriot League
  4. A late-night Pancake Buffet for everyone after the event…mmm, pancakes
  5. Brand new Dog Pound t-shirts for this season


Best of all? FREE TEXTBOOKS for 3 lucky students

And what I just outlined isn’t even comprehensive. We even have the dance and cheer teams performing with the players from both teams in what is sure to be the funniest sight in human history. This event is going to be a special one.

This season has the potential to be an amazing one for both the teams. Even more, we have the chance to turn Case Gym into one of the strongest home court advantages in the country. We need our school to rally together, have some fun, win some free stuff, eat some delicious pancakes, and show that we have school pride like no other.

Terrier Madness is the beginning of a revolution. Be there, be loud, and BU.