Madness Time


By: Connor Lenahan

It’s here at last. Tonight, as I mentioned at length yesterday, is Terrier Madness. Tonight we will come together in Case Gymnasium in Boston University’s West Campus to kick off the basketball season better than ever before.

Tonight is also going to be amazingly fun. Personally I’m excited because I get to go out and co-host the event. I get to have some fun with my fellow BU Terriers and give away some prizes. I get to make someone’s semester by saying they get free books. Honestly that gets me giddy.

But I’m far more excited about what the gym is going to feel like tonight. When Boston University comes together around great events like this there is an electricity in the air like no other. The Terrier Tailgate will forever be one of the best nights of my life, but that was outdoors. Soccer isn’t nearly as constant as basketball, purely by design.

But Case Gym, full of history, is an amazing place. When people come in, get loud, and get excited there’s nowhere else on the planet like it. The floor doesn’t shake, it becomes an earthquake. We have the chance to literally blow the roof off the place, although my engineering history isn’t all that strong.

Tonight is going to be great. I know it. You will want to be there. Some of my best friends in the world need your support, and more importantly, they deserve it. Come have some fun, get some free stuff, see some awesome talents get to show off for you, and be part of this amazing season as it begins.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Madness Time.