Ally’s Twenty Fun

Ally Twenty Fun

By: Connor Lenahan

Let November 7th, 2015 go down in history as a momentous occasion. Allison Marie Lamanna is now 21 years old. If you are not currently sounding the alarms, locking your doors and windows, and praying to whatever deity you believe in, now would be the time.

Ally has been one of my best friends since she landed in northeastern Pennsylvania in 5th grade. Over the past ten years – that was a frightening number to realize – we have been close because Ally is quietly the weirdest person in the entire universe. The girl known to many (thanks to me) as Queen Turkey Breast can regularly be found befriending wildlife and taking embarrassing snapchat selfies.

But more importantly she is one of the more inspiring people I have had the privilege of befriending. Ally’s dream for as long as I’ve known her has been to go to Penn State and cheer for their football team. It’s rare that you see someone so otherworldly dedicated to their craft. I do Unbreakable every day, sure, but I also admit to mentally checking out some days. Ally grinds like no other to get better at cheer. While I’m not sure of the specifics, I’m fairly sure she’s won multiple national championships with various cheer squads. Meanwhile I can’t get my full to save my life.

Ally needed some time to make it all work – Read: she almost made the PSU Football Cheer team as a freshman, something that doesn’t happen – but now she’s reached her goal. She makes me want to work harder. She’s living proof that I’m not just blessed with terrific people around me, but that I have hard working, crazily funny, generally awesome friends.

So prepare for Hurricane Ally coming to State College tonight. Hopefully there will only be passing damage – a question on whether or not you like websites is possible. But of course, tonight goes down as a fun one for one of my best friends. Happy Birthday Ally.