Help Us With A Survey? Pretty Please?

Survey Thank

By: Connor Lenahan

Hi friends, it’s your ol’ pal Connor here with a favor to ask you. This semester here at Boston University I am taking a class based around Urban Politics and the show The Wire. It is far and away my favorite class I’ve ever taken here at BU, and now comes the fun part. For the class I have to do a project with my girlfriend Laura LaBrecque, who you may have seen on the blog once or twice before.

Our project is a research paper in which we are doing our own study via survey. It’s a lot of fun and will potentially be very interesting in it’s finished result. I can’t really give you too many specifics at the moment because I don’t want to sway the results of the survey at all.

Here’s what I’d need though: Could any Boston University student reading this take our survey really quick? Seriously, it’s six questions and will take you less than a minute – we timed it, seriously.

Thank you so much for your help, and God Bless America.