James Jones and The Hoodie

James Jones Hoodie

By: Connor Lenahan

The NFL has an absurdly strict uniform policy. It seems as though there are bylaws and league rules in place to micromanage players looks down to the tiniest of details. DeAngelo Williams, who lost his mother to breast cancer, is unable to tint his hair pink despite league equipment being pink in October due to the league’s rules. Lose your dad and want to honor him with his initials on your eye black? You’re out of luck. That’s what made James Jones’ attire yesterday so delightfully hilarious.

James Jones is a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers and has been one of the saving graces of my fantasy football team this year. Actually Jones has been a saving grace to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers as well. Jones and Rodgers had been teammates for years and meshed quite well before Jones left the team in free agency. Injuries to other wideouts called upon Jones to be resigned. He quickly became Rodgers’ favorite target yet again.

Why are we talking about this, you ask? Because James Jones lived out the NFL equivalent of what every little kid wants to do every pee-wee football game. He played yesterday’s game in a hoodie. No, seriously, he played an entire NFL game wearing a hoodie under his jersey. While I was watching him play I confusedly asked if he was wearing one after seeing green poking out from his collar. Quickly the announcers caught on to this, and thought it was hilarious. It’s impossible not to – it’s so odd yet completely relatable as an action. Best of all is that this is apparently legal within the NFL uniform guidelines because it was team provided and Packers green. So just to recap: touching tributes are a no, but being snuggly is okay.

It’s also important to mention that Jones caught 6 balls for 109 yards, a touchdown, and a two-point conversion yesterday. I would like to formally request he wear this hoodie under his jersey for the rest of the season as a good luck charm. All power to the hoodie.