My Stand Up Debut

Retro microphone on stage

By: Connor Lenahan

Last night at long last I got to do stand up at the Flat Waffle Comedy Hour and it went surprisingly well. Like, people laughed and everything! It was terrific, and I only cried a couple dozen times before I had to go on. It was a lot of fun watching fellow students as well. One of the most entertaining parts about the night is that these are just other kids that you might have class with, or in my case nearly hit with your wheelchair on the way to class. We all got to come together and have some fun making each other laugh. There are more during the school year, and I likely will be back doing more with Flat Waffle thanks to their hosts Andrew Giustino and Lisa Gluzman.

Without further ado, here’s my stand up set from last night. Enjoy… hopefully.