Holidays Are Here


By: Connor Lenahan

Boston University is one of the few schools amongst those attended by my friends and I that doesn’t get a week off for Thanksgiving. No, while my brother Chase, who goes to Syracuse, has been home over a week now, I worked a 6 hour shift this past Monday only to drive 7 hours the next morning. Worth it? Absolutely.

Every year it’s the same sort of thing. We work and work through the school year, the weather heating up and finally cooling off again, that old chestnut. But around the end of November we get that beautiful stretch from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Years. It seems like it just becomes a wonderful time of year for everyone. There’s a lot of fun things ahead, from opening presents on Christmas to finishing up finals at school.

Snow isn’t even all that bad. Well, it is if you get 7 feet in a matter of 9 days, but a few inches here and there that let a nice white cover everywhere is perfect. Houses start putting up Christmas lights, something that I entirely believe should be year round.

This is a delightful time of year. There’s only a few short weeks left this semester in school and then even more time to relax with loved ones, drink cocoa, and repeat. Finally, the holidays are here.