Oh Great, Now I’m Sick


By: Connor Lenahan

Over the next week I have two final projects to turn in. Actually, maybe three. It’s a lot, no matter what. I also now have a head cold and don’t want to leave my bed for the next infinity hours.

Who invented sickness? Who decided to let germs happen. What cruel, sick, twisted joke is this? Here I am just trying to live my life, eat Oreos, and watch TV and now I’m a runny nosed mess. I can’t even run, yet my nose has gained that talent. This is anarchy.

To paraphrase Krusty the Clown, I am sick and that’s everybody’s problem. Chicken noodle soup and ginger ale donations will be accepted when I’m not asleep. That might be a lot over the next couple days.

Finals season, really? That’s when I get sick?