Gosling Giggles


By: Connor Lenahan

Ryan Gosling hosted last night’s edition of Saturday Night Live and was a part of one of the funniest sketches of recent memory. It wasn’t exactly an amazingly written piece or anything, not something that will go down in the history books for the show, but certainly one that had me belly laughing throughout it. That’s because Kate McKinnon got Ryan Gosling to break character and start laughing all throughout the sketch. She and Aidy Bryant each started giggling not much after, and a fairly funny sketch became hilarious as a result.

Watching SNL cast members and hosts cracking up is one of my favorite pastimes. To this day my favorite sketch of all time is the original “Debbie Downer” from 2004, where Lindsay Lohan and Co. all start crying at Rachel Dratch. The best recurring sketch on the show of my lifetime is Stefon on Weekend Update, where John Mulaney would write things in specifically to make Bill Hader break character. It’s an awesome thing to watch happen.

Great news, I have found a supercut of more of these to watch, enjoy!