Wait, Classes Are Over?


By: Connor Lenahan

Wait you’re telling me I’m not waking up to an alarm tomorrow? But… but… I’ve got stuff to do, right? Certainly I have to go edit a movie for Production.


Do I have to go talk about minority representation in American cinema? I have to present on Tony Stark as an empowering figure for disabled viewers, right?

Still no?

What about my class on The Wire? Really?

Okay, well that semester went really fast. And I’m not sure how much of that I retained, because last time I checked it was still August. This might be an issue.

Then there’s that whole finals thing. I’m not exactly a fan of exams, but then again is there a student that has ever actively liked tests?

Two finals are all that’s left to take on for this semester of school, and then suddenly Junior year is a downhill battle. That’s only kind of completely terrifying.

Here’s to those that are heading into the craziness of finals. We can get through this together I swear.

But let’s start studying some other time, I need some sleep.