Creed: Best Picture Contender


By: Connor Lenahan

Let’s drop all the pretense of this being a fair and unbiased film review. I cannot, at all, talk about this movie critically yet, and that’s not because I just saw it in the last three hours. No, it’s because Creed is one of my favorite theater experiences I’ve had in a long time.

I’m not going to lie, I started to tear up a little at this movie, and it wasn’t because Creed is a tearjerker. Rather it is because this movie is so overwhelmingly moving and masterful in getting you into the story. Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan are back together again for the first time since Fruitvale Station and have yet again made something that should be in the Oscar conversation at this point of the year.

Creed might not necessarily be the “best” film I’ve seen this year – that probably is still, and will remain, Spotlight – but it’s absolutely toward the top, if not on top, of my “favorite” movies this year. I am so in on everything Michael B. Jordan that it’s not even funny, but moreso than ever after Creed. This is officially one of the best actors alive that we get to witness. He is such a terrific talent, and this is a perfect role for him, given the fire and toughness necessary to be a boxer.

Tessa Thompson is also a star in her absolute own right. Her portion of the film has the least to do with the nuts and bolts for boxing, but her performance takes a secondary plot to the forefront. She has an interesting way of drawing attention on screen. A confidence in what she’s doing that seems outwardly effortless. She’s at A level and never makes it clear that she’s acting. We need more of her ASAP.

And finally, Sly Stalone legitimately needs to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I won’t spoil anything, but who knew he was still able to pitch a 97 mph fastball acting wise?

Go see Creed, go cry at Creed, and then go root for Creed to crash the Academy Awards this year.