Julian Edelman: Internet Superstar


By: Connor Lenahan

By virtue of living in Boston I have succumbed to the views and opinions of the natives. Given the recent performance of the New England Patriots, coupled with Boston’s obsession with all things sports, you can tell who the most beloved athletes in town are. Specifically for the Patriots, the pecking order begins with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski at the top. Make no mistake, Gronk’s injury was treated like a city-wide tragedy. That’s because it was. But Julian Edelman is loved for being able to seemingly do everything in the Patriots’ offense, but I somehow missed the boat on him being a YouTube sensation.

Julian Edelman’s YouTube is full of amazing videos including everything from poor attempts at crossing over to being a car salesman…

…to being a talk show host…

…to being a celebrity chef in his own right.

Okay, that’s it, Julian Edelman is officially my favorite person on the planet.