Waverly Winter


By: Connor Lenahan

I unexpectedly finished my last final of the semester in just half an hour this morning, and got to make my jump on traffic much quicker than anticipated. Seemingly out of nowhere, I grabbed my stuff and made my way to my hometown of Waverly, PA for the next few weeks.

This is that terrific time of year where assignments are wrapping up, presents are being wrapped, and snow is thankfully somehow not here thanks to 50+ degree days. Is this the best holiday season ever? Maybe, right?

It’s only been a matter of hours and I’m excited to get to see my school friends again back up at Boston University, but for the next couple of weeks I could use some time with my family and friends. Everyone could. School gets stressful, and now we finally, at last get a break.

Tomorrow morning I won’t have to set an alarm. If you experience flooding in your home tonight that’s from my crying tears of joy.