Netflix Goes for World Domination


By: Connor Lenahan

The first stages of Netflix’s revolution of all things television was their development of original shows. It’s now common for us to talk about Netflix original series, but a few years ago – and especially more recently than it might seem – Netflix was just the streaming option for things that had already wrapped up, or last season’s episodes.

Then House of Cards and Orange is the New Black happened. By the end of 2015 Netflix is a bigger player in the Golden Globes/Emmys than any of the four major broadcast networks. To quote the philosopher Graham, “What a time to be alive.”

But while Netflix has a strong presence already, they have somehow elected to throw the ultimate gauntlet down this upcoming spring. In the course of one week the site will put out two crown jewel programs.

Fuller House is finally coming into our lives on February 26th, and there’s a more than decent chance I’m going to watch all of the show in one sitting. Although I didn’t explicitly sit down and watch the series in full, I’m fairly confident I have seen every episode of Full House ever made. 2016 will not be the year in which I fall behind.

But oh wait, just as you wrap up your marathon of feels from adult DJ, Steph, and more of the Tanner clan, this happens.

I have long believed that House of Cards is a great show that has the potential to be an incredible one. Season 3 pushed the show in a more interesting, narratively complex route, and felt the most fully realized so far. Plus it also brought the suspension of disbelief more down to earth, but now that the chess pieces are in their correct slots on the board, the real games can begin. Without spoiling Season 3, although I would struggle to believe that is possible 10 months removed from the release, the ending of the season leaves gargantuan questions that I need answers to, dammit.

Netflix is coming to wreck your work schedule. Get ready, because 2/26/16-3/4/16 is the official coronation of the Netflix Empire.