You Suck at Cooking


By: Connor Lenahan

All credit for this article goes to my brother Chase who gave me the suggestion of a lifetime with the YouTube channel You Suck at Cooking. The beauty about this channel is simple. On one hand it’s actually quite a handy cooking show. To my knowledge the recipes all work and (assumedly) taste terrific. While it can be entertaining and laugh out loud funny, it also has a nugget of information to take away.

Then there’s also the fact that the videos are so otherworldly funny that I’ve been showing them to everyone I can for the last four days. They are amazing displays of visual comedy with borderline stand-up thrown in for good measure.

You’d think that video, the most watched on the channel, would be the funniest, right? Actually, that is not really the case. What makes this whole series compelling is how original it gets with its concepts. Here’s a grilled cheese demonstration where the host becomes a robot.

I still haven’t stopped crying laughing since I first saw that a few days ago. The entirety of You Suck at Cooking is amazing. Both because it’s holiday season – meaning prime time for food – and right after finals – prime time for internet videos – this is a borderline Christmas miracle.