XFL 2015: It All Comes Down to Emmanuel


By: Connor Lenahan

As of 7:00 PM tonight the XFL Championship the being led by Laura LaBrecque’s Baltimore Bears over Andrew Rebensky’s Oklahoma City Lions 1460-1275.

However, Andrew has one player remaining. Denver wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders has been an enigma this season. a few weeks ago he was borderline missing, scoring less than 60 points.

Last week he had 500.

Here’s where we stand. If Sanders scores less than 185 points, Laura LaBrecque captures her first championship. If he scores 190 or more, Andrew Rebensky take home his second title in a row. If he scores exactly 185 – not impossible – we go to a Week 17 tiebreaker.

8:30 PM versus the Bengals. This is going to be unreal.

Emmanuel Sanders, the floor is yours.