Monthly Archive: January, 2016

Papale The Assassin

By: Connor Lenahan Okay new rule: Boston University is only allowed to play basketball when we are on national television. The last two times we have played and been broadcast from coast to… Continue reading

Beau Willimon Leaves House of Cards

By: Connor Lenahan This came as a big surprise today. It was just announced by Netflix in the last day or so that House of Cards would be returning for a fifth season before… Continue reading

Preparing for Oscar Season

By: Connor Lenahan We are getting ready to head right on into the heart of Oscar Season here shortly. I’m excited, even if the show is whiter than snow. The Oscars are one… Continue reading

Kevin Spacey as a Talking Cat? Kevin Spacey as a Talking Cat.

By: Connor Lenahan I have never needed anything in my life as much as I need the movie Nine Lives. Why is Kevin Spacey playing a massively successful business man that’s suddenly been turned… Continue reading

The NickToons Super Movie

By: Connor Lenahan Just take my money now. All of it. Every last dime. I’m not kidding, because I’m going to see NickToons 50 times in a row the day it comes out. Have… Continue reading

The White Room

By: Connor Lenahan Needing to try and write and subsequently direct short films for my production classes here at school has given me a greater appreciation for the craft. When done well you… Continue reading

Super Bowl 50: AKA Congrats Cam Newton

By: Connor Lenahan Winning the Super Bowl is huge for any athlete’s career, so for Cam Newton this is a huge moment for him. To cap off his career best year with a… Continue reading

The Big Time

By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday, in the course of maybe five minutes, went from a lazy day avoiding the imminent snow to one of the biggest days of my career as a public address… Continue reading

Meeting Alessia Cara

By: Connor Lenahan Last night was a full circle moment for me, my girlfriend Laura, and probably not Alessia Cara – but 2 for 3 isn’t bad. Last summer I wrote about how… Continue reading

Missing Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s something I didn’t think I’d get to write a few days ago, it’s not going to snow all that much in Boston this weekend. That was a sudden change… Continue reading