Season 3

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By: Connor Lenahan

This is spooky, because I vividly remember writing the first article for Unbreakable back in 2013. I remember writing the first article of the Unbreakable streak back in 2014. And now here we are, three years later, somehow still going. This is fun, and a little weird.

But now comes an important time. For two years now I have been putting out articles, and podcasts, and sharing stuff. It’s been really fun, but in its own right its been a little predictable. I mean, I know that it can be scatterbrained at time, but day after day of searching for articles is somewhat tough. Plus there’s got to be more that I can experiment with.

That’s why, as we head into Unbreakable Season 3, I have some ideas in mind.

For one, the Unbreakable Podcast is coming back better than ever, and soon. I want to extend invites beyond my close friends to people that fascinate me. I also worked on making podcasts over Skype possible. Not great, but we will figure it out. It’ll be fun. We have some ideas to make it easier to listen to and frankly more fun to host overall.

Then there’s my rough plans to go for more regular content on Unbreakable. For example, we might go for Mondays being podcast days, and maybe Wednesdays being “Song of the Week,” stuff like that. Again, all a work in progress.

But most exciting is a Christmas gift I got a few days ago. Now equipped with a camera fit for filming, I might finally get to flex some visual muscles that are normally contained to production classes. Probably won’t be great, but maybe we will figure out something.

But all in all I want this to be a good year. For you, for me, for the blog, for the world. I want this to be a culmination of the ideas that I have been working on these past few years. Let’s make this a good one.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Season 3.