Johnny Football to Dallas?


By: Connor Lenahan

Earlier this evening Browns coach Mike Pettine was fired after two largely underwhelming seasons. The most notable thing he did in his time in Cleveland was openly hating his QB, Johnny Manziel, without really hiding it all that well. Pettine seemed to go to great lengths to start literally anyone else. For a while it seemed kind of odd. Yes, Manziel was a notorious party animal, but what pro athlete isn’t? Manziel was just doing it constantly, but again, he wasn’t in jail.

That is, until he skipped a team checkup the other day and apparently showed up “disheveled and inebriated” to the Browns facilities.

Okay, so maybe Pettine was right on the money.

Manziel reportedly would do anything to go to Dallas to play for the Cowboys, and frankly that might be a decent gamble for Dallas to take. Tony Romo is on a serious downward trend as of late, with his health only getting worse the last few seasons. With the Manziel stories out in the open this would be the perfect time to grab him. The Browns have little to no reason to ask for much – it’s a borderline fire sale.

Johhny has shown flashes of talent in his time in the NFL, but his off-field issues have plagued him. How much of that is him being miserable in Cleveland? Or, alternatively, how much of it is Manziel having a serious issue with alcohol? I genuinely don’t know, and frankly sticking him on a team with other troubled players – What’s up, Greg Hardy, you “human” piece of  garbage? – might be awful for his behavior.

But this is Jerry Jones’ team we are talking about. Logic doesn’t really apply. If Manziel wants to be his QB, there’s a decent chance he could end up with a chance. Ditto to other Texas College QB  legends like Robert Griffin III. Will this be good for his career? Likely not, and I don’t think I want to see it happen.

I’m just afraid that we will.