Can Awesome People Stop Dying?


By: Connor Lenahan

The unfortunate part about the amazing people that impact the lives of many are that they one day must come to an end. It’s the worst part of human existence. There are few, if any, people that like this portion of life, and I certainly am not one of them. However, it remains a part of life. If anything to make this more positive, it can allow us to properly appreciate their careers.

That said: Can wonderful people stop dying, please?

For crying out loud we are two weeks into 2016 and already there have been three major losses of iconic talents. All three are influential legends in their fields.

Lemmy from Motorhead, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman all have passed away in the past few weeks and all three are significant losses. Lemmy was larger than life as a semi-mythical figure that was the fully realized human embodiment of a rock star and the rock star lifestyle. David Bowie was a glorious space alien that seemingly could do anything. There might not be a comparison for Bowie’s impact on pop culture, and he’s responsible for some of the most timeless music possible. Alan Rickman was known to roughly everyone I know as Professor Snape, but he deserves his rightful place as one of the most underrated, terrific actors of all time.

All three are huge losses, and I’d love for them to be the only losses for the year. This obviously won’t happen, but it would be much better if it did. We need these wonderful people around longer.

Thanks for the memories, guys.