Every Frame a Painting


By: Connor Lenahan

Tomorrow marks either the first weekend of the new semester or the last one before the new semester depending on where you go to college. It’s a fun, stressful time where all you want to do is keep marathon watching things online but the world is all like “responsibilities” and junk. Not fun.

Thankfully the weekend allows you to go and enjoy your day largely without stress. Tomorrow, and tonight for that matter, you should check out the following channel on YouTube. It’s one of my favorites since I’m studying Film/TV for school. Well, that and the narrator sounds like the friendliest guy in the world.

Every Frame a Painting is an important channel because it shows you the amount of craft that goes into movies. Where some films don’t connect because they feel almost haphazardly thrown together, others thrive by telling the story on minute details. For example, take this video that shows how David Fincher, my favorite director, tells his stories in a way that’s easily recognizable.

The beautiful part about this channel is that it’s easy to watch, fairly informative, and filled with great content. If you’ve got some down time – and boy have you earned it – this is a terrific way to spend it and get your brain going for the new semester.