Master of None Season 2? Please?


By: Connor Lenahan

Over the course of maybe the last five days I watched the entire first season of Netflix’s Master of None. It was absolutely terrific, and has already given me something to copy/emulate in film classes this upcoming semester. It’s a fascinating, personal show from Aziz Ansari that also happens to be funny as hell.

Now the question is: When more? I need more. This show was great, but it was entirely too short. Ten half hour episodes was not enough for me. Okay, yes, it did tell a nice story in and of itself during these 10 episodes, but I want more.

That’s the beauty and curse of Netflix’s model. Just when I’m fully invested they pull away like an amazing-yet-absentee father.

Go watch Master of None and help me get through this trying time. Help me, Aziz. You’re my only hope.