The Citgo Sign Dilemma


By: Connor Lenahan

Breaking News: The building that supports Boston’s iconic Citgo Sign, owned by Boston University, is going to be put on sale in the near future.

Also Breaking News: Wait, Boston University owns the Citgo Sign?

Well, technically they don’t. Apparently the deal is that BU leases the air rights above the building to a billboard company and that is where Citgo comes in. This makes sense, but somehow I’ve been a Terrier for three years without knowing this. In fact, as a result of the news that BU is going to unload some properties in Kenmore Square I found out that the school actually owns almost that entire block.

The school is planning to sell the prime real estate and reinvest in teaching and campus things. That’s all well and good, and potentially troubling for some of the locations effected – Cornwall’s and Bertucci’s along with our bookstore – but we can’t lose the Citgo sign.

It’ll be up to the new owners whether or not they want to continue the existing deal, and here’s hoping that they will. We are still very much far off from more in this story, but we cannot lose a Boston landmark like this. Fenway Park doesn’t ever get torn down, and neither does the beloved Citgo Sign.