Papale The Assassin

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By: Connor Lenahan

Okay new rule: Boston University is only allowed to play basketball when we are on national television. The last two times we have played and been broadcast from coast to coast I have nearly suffered heart attacks and/or screamed into a live microphone. Today was awesome because the Terriers picked up a critical win against Lehigh at home in stunning fashion.

Which is to say, John Papale is the baddest man on the face of the earth. John is, in reality, one of the nicest and hardest working people I’ve ever met or had the privilege of being friends with. That said, he doesn’t actually have blood in his body, but sheer ice water. He’s as cool as a cucumber in a leather jacket under pressure. Basically he’s a fucking assassin.

With 2.2 seconds on the clock and the game tied today John took the inbounds, somehow recovered a bobbled ball, threw up a one handed floater with maybe three-tenths of a second to go, and swished it. It was clutch as all hell, and it’s not exactly something new for John.

This guy is a monster. Bow down to King Papale, The Silent Assassin, Mr. Clutch, and The Man  – John Papale.