Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Great Headline or Greatest Headline?

By: Connor Lenahan This story might be a year old, but it made me laugh so uncontrollably hard on the headline alone that I needed to share. This story, which is a genuine… Continue reading

Chase’s Request: Twenty One Pilots

By: Connor Lenahan Today is my younger brother Chase’s 20th birthday. Rather than explicitly write about how he’s the most amazing kid possible – which I’ve done here previously and remains one of… Continue reading

Nate and John

By: Connor Lenahan Today I got to announce two of my favorite people as they walked with their families out to be honored for Senior Day. Nate Dieudonne and John Papale both were… Continue reading

More Making a Murderer?

By: Connor Lenahan Despite the fact that┬áMaking a Murderer probably could have cut two episodes from it’s original ten episode length and still been terrific, I want more. Everyone wants more. Because that… Continue reading

The Senior Day

By: Connor Lenahan There’s a decent chance that I’m going to get choked up on Saturday during the final regular season Boston University basketball game. That’s because it’s going to be Senior Day… Continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight

By: Connor Lenahan I really, really love movies. That much is probably true by knowing me even slightly well. I tend to work in references to things in most of my daily conversation… Continue reading

Sleeping Time Please

By: Connor Lenahan You ever have like a string of crazy busy days and just need to shut down and sleep forever and ever? That’s pretty much me right now. Sorry there isn’t… Continue reading

Daytona By A Nose

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: For tonight’s story we turn to NASCAR. I am not even going to pretend that I follow the sport even remotely well.… Continue reading

Film Classes Are The Best

By: Connor Lenahan Film classes are really, really, really fun. I’m not a taking notes guy. I’m not a taking tests guy. I’m not a sitting still guy. No, I’m a goofing around… Continue reading

Where’d The Hockey Go?

     By: Connor Lenahan Tonight is the final home game for Boston University’s men’s ice hockey team. Wait, it is? That can’t be right. *Googles schedule* Oh, shit, guys what happened to… Continue reading