Coughing Is Awful


By: Connor Lenahan

First and foremost, the above photo is maybe my favorite in the history of the internet. It’s the first result if you search “cough” on Google. I had to look that up because the last few days have been marked by my door-rattling, earth-shaking cough related to a head cold. With regards to contempt for my body and soul this cough is the AT&T of physical ailments.

I’ve got medicine and I’ve got ways to get better. That much is good. But I also have things to do – specifically things that require my voice to do. This is incredibly annoying, but them’s the breaks.

Who decided to make coughing a thing. Was it Donald Trump? Was it Hitler? Whoever it was deserves to be punched in the face. My throat hurts and that’s everybody’s problem.

Cough drops and prayers are accepted at this time. Together we will defeat this stupid bug.