College Jeopardy Season


By: Connor Lenahan

So, sad news: I’m not on this year’s College Jeopardy tournament. I know you all wanted to watch me destroy some philosophy majors from the Ive League in pop culture categories, but alas next year looks like it’ll be the time. I have always been a fan of the College tournament on Jeopardy because it has best reflected information I know up to this point in my life. It’s fun to see people showing off for their school and being really smart. More than ever College Jeopardy is fun because I think the last time I watched the Teen Tournament I ended up with an estimated $47,000.

It’s fully my plan to be the second student from Boston University to win the College Jeopardy Tournament in 2017. Who cares that I am a genuinely terrible speller or arguably the worst geography mind in human history? I am in it for categories like “College Football” or “Band Aid” tonight where I wrecked house by knowing trivial knowledge as opposed to real life things.

I may not know up from down but I can tell you the mascot for nearly every team in the NCAA because that’s the kind of guy I am.

If ever there were appointment television – certainly given that appointment television doesn’t really exist in 2016 anymore, but whatever – it’s Jeopardy. My favorite thing is to play along with the screen to see how I do. If you want to come compete with me, the proverbial gauntlet is thrown.

And Mr. Trebek, I will see you next year.