The Ultimate Beanpot

Sean Maguire (BU - 31), Danny O'Regan (BU - 10)

By: Connor Lenahan

I have been a Boston University student for three years and we haven’t beaten Boston College in hockey while I’ve been here. That is unacceptable and that is wrong.

That also isn’t technically true. We did beat BC on their ice last year, but I wasn’t there. I’m talking about beating them when I’m in the building. As sweet as a victory out in Newton, MA is, it’s not the same. That’s why this Monday is what I’ve wanted for my entire college career.

It’s what Boston University’s wanted for years.

This Monday night marks the final of the Beanpot tournament, arguably the greatest tournament in all of sports. Certainly the favorite of the city of Boston as it brings together the incredibly talented teams that call the area home in competition. This year featured three top ten programs and Northeastern. It’s a mini-NCAA tournament in its own right.

And Boston University must win it.

For the first time since 2012 it will the the must see matchup in the final. Boston University and Boston College. It’s the college hockey version of Yankees-Red Sox. It’s one of the best rivalries in all of sports. Now it’s time to fight for supremacy in the most important of times.

That’s where this game becomes important. We need Boston University to come out to the TD Garden en mass this Monday. Not just because we have a game, and not just because it’s the Beanpot. Because it’s the Beanpot final and it’s a chance to win our 31st title – considerably more than everyone else – against our most hated rival.

I will not let this team down. We, as a school can not let this team down. This isn’t just hockey, this is for school supremacy. This is war. This is for every marble – and they’re important marbles.

If you can’t tell I’m really excited about this.

I implore you to please support your school. We need you. We need the arena to shake beneath the feet of Terriers hungry for that pot of beans. We need you there to remind the mistaken rival students that lying about your location is wrong. This is the battle for Boston, our turf, not Newton and the suburbs.

This is for all the legends of Boston University Hockey current, past, and future. We can get this elusive Beanpot victory over BC for stars like O’Regan and Grzelcyk and Maguire and Oksanen and more. We can continue to remind not just the city but the college hockey world who the best team in the country is.

This is everything. This is a call to action. This is a public service announcement: The Terriers are coming, and we are winning this damn tournament.

Monday night is the night. See you there. Be loud, be proud, don your scarlet and white, and Go Terriers.