The Annoying Super Bowl


By: Connor Lenahan

I’ve got it. I know why this specific Denver Bronco team annoys me. It’s not because they’re really, absurdly good on defense. That would be hypocritical – I’m a Seahawks fan.

No, I’m annoyed because they’re only good on defense. They’re like your buddy who’s really great on defense in Madden but can’t figure out how to throw a forward pass for their lives. Denver had seven sacks tonight, which is no small feat given they had to take down Cam Newton, but they also only scored an offensive touchdown with minutes to play.

Peyton Manning went 13/23 for 141 yards, an interception, and a few fumbles. He didn’t play well. The offense looked awful, yet they managed to do just enough to win.

Yet Carolina spent all year dominating people on both ends of the ball. So did teams like Arizona and Seattle. Or what about the Patriots? Then you have strong contenders that imploded like Pittsburgh and the Bengals. Even the Vikings were feisty. And Aaron Rodgers turned into a miracle worker for a while.

There were other teams that played more solid football on both sides. But Denver put together a string of super strong defensive games and won the title. We can live with it, but this just seems like the game got broken a little bit.

Am I crazy? I don’t really think I am. This was just a frustrating game.

One silver lining? At least Peyton Manning will retire without getting severely injured on the field.