Deadpool is Delightful

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By: Connor Lenahan

I decided to catch Deadpool tonight since Marvel movies have basically become appointment viewing. This one in particular was enticing given how it’s going to stand outside the massive Marvel universe as we know it. Deadpool himself isn’t popping up in the Avengers timeline, but Deadpool as a film is unlike anything that has come before it.

Which is to say it’s top-lined by a wisecracking murder machine that happens to be one of the funniest film characters of the past decade and a half.

Oh, and there’s more gore in the opening 20 minutes than every other Marvel movie combined. It’s also not only rated R, but it is a fairly hard-R rating.

That’s exactly what it should be. It’s funny as hell, completely bonkers, and utterly enjoyable to watch. Is it the best Marvel movie? No, because that is probably still Iron Man. It’s arguably not going to be the best Marvel movie of 2016 – Civil War is coming up absurdly quickly. But nothing will be nearly as much fun as Deadpool is.

Note to my family members: Do not, under any circumstances, bring kids to this. Seriously, it won’t end well. But if you’re age appropriate this is your required Valentines Weekend Plan.