The Senior Day


By: Connor Lenahan

There’s a decent chance that I’m going to get choked up on Saturday during the final regular season Boston University basketball game. That’s because it’s going to be Senior Day for three of our players, who have also been three of the best people I’ve ever met.

This will be the final regular season home game for John Papale, Nathan Dieudonne, and Justin Alston. Although, it may not necessarily be the last for Alston, who is currently seeking a redshirt thanks to a broken wrist and foot – which somehow is a situation I’ve never been in, brittle bones and all.

There have been and will be a great deal written about these three of how transformative they’ve been to the program. But more than than, they’ve been really important to me. They’re family. They have extended more hospitality and friendship to me than I ever could have hoped to deserve, and that’s why I’ll be sobbing on Saturday.

This game – Saturday at Noon at Case Gym against Holy Cross – is going to be huge for if the team is going to make a run for the NCAA Tournament. It’ll take a big swing in terms of health, and some good breaks through the tournament, but there is absolutely a scenario where the Terriers are playing in March Madness. Something is telling me this is the year we finally get there, because this would be the final chance to do it for this trio.

Saturday is the official first step in getting these boys to the tournament. Come out and join us for the festivities, and potentially join me in the waterworks.