Nate and John


By: Connor Lenahan

Today I got to announce two of my favorite people as they walked with their families out to be honored for Senior Day. Nate Dieudonne and John Papale both were the center of today’s game, and both nearly caused me to cry as they were walking out to mid-court.

I don’t even need to focus on their on court additions to the Terrier basketball team. It’s clear – these two have been central figures on the roster, and significant impact players for four years. For three of them I have been lucky enough to be court side, whether it be as a fan or announcer.

But rather this is just a moment for me to thank them both for being great friends. I came to Boston University hoping to one day maybe become passingly familiar with basketball players, or announce a game by my senior year. Within my first semester both Nate and John changed that from a hope to an afterthought as they were overwhelmingly kind to a young, roughly clueless freshman.

Three years later and I get to give these great guys the sendoff they deserve. It makes me happy to have spent three years with these guys, to mutually have each others backs, to enjoy everything crazy about basketball, to know them at all. Thankfully today’s win means I’ve got at least one more chance to scream their names into a live microphone next week in the Patriot League Tournament.

But even if I didn’t the late game standing ovation for both my friends was exactly the finale they deserved. For everything, to Nate and John, I say thank you.