Monthly Archive: February, 2016


By: Connor Lenahan I really, really, really love late night shows. Mainly because they’re the ultimate excuse to mess around with segments to have fun. Sometimes you have celebrities doing goofy things –… Continue reading

National Rejection

By: Connor Lenahan Graham Norton has one of the best late night shows that you’ve never watched. That’s almost certainly because it’s primarily broadcast on the BBC overseas. It’s a lot like Watch What… Continue reading

The Ringer

By: Connor Lenahan Bill Simmons continues to be the most interesting sports media personality in the world. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for him as his media empire sprawls ever… Continue reading

I Will Catch Them All

By: Connor Lenahan In a move that is certain to rank among the most nerdy and stupid things I have ever attempted, I am going to catch every Pokemon ever released. This has… Continue reading

The Grammys Are Trash, BUT

By: Connor Lenahan The Grammys might be awful and regularly wrong BUT, and this is a big but, if they do the right thing tonight I will not be upset with them for… Continue reading

The Life of Pablo

By: Connor Lenahan I haven’t fallen asleep before midnight for the last four nights. That’s because Kanye West claimed that he was releasing his 7th album on February 11th. That didn’t happen, and… Continue reading

The Ice Planet Boston

By: Connor Lenahan I want to make sure you didn’t miss what that photo says. It’s currently 0 degrees in Boston with 22 mph winds. It feels like -22 degrees outside. Even inside… Continue reading

Deadpool is Delightful

By: Connor Lenahan I decided to catch Deadpool tonight since Marvel movies have basically become appointment viewing. This one in particular was enticing given how it’s going to stand outside the massive Marvel universe… Continue reading

Talking to Yourself – The 20 Year Short Film

By: Connor Lenahan Jeremiah McDonald is responsible for one of the most interesting short films I have ever seen. In 1992 the then 12-year-old recorded a tape that would serve to interview his… Continue reading

House of Cards Season 4 Looks Amazing

By: Connor Lenahan The trailer for House of Cards fourth season released today and it looks entirely incredible. What’s that? I basically said the exact same thing in the title of this article? I… Continue reading