Monthly Archive: March, 2016

An Open Letter for Fellow Terriers

The past seven days for Boston University have unfortunately been marked by loss. Specifically losses both human and material that have had significant impacts for plenty across our campus. On March 25th a… Continue reading

A Tragic Loss

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this morning the body of a Boston University freshman was found at Kilachand Hall on campus. The details of what happened and the identity of the student the BU… Continue reading

The Honest Revenant

By: Connor Lenahan I think that I was likely a little too excited to see that there was an Honest Trailer on YouTube for The Revenant today. For a movie that I came out… Continue reading

Conspiracy Videos

By: Connor Lenahan To be completely honest nothing I can or will say here will match how perfectly funny John Oliver is talking about online conspiracy videos. Please enjoy this delightful mad man.

The Legendary JKohn

By: Connor Lenahan I’m pretty sure that I have known Jason Kohn for as long as my memory lasts. That’s the furthest thing from an exaggeration, because he has been a homie since… Continue reading

Farewell To This Delightful Season

By: Connor Lenahan Unfortunately the Terriers Men’s Ice Hockey season came to a close tonight. It wasn’t exactly the way we’d like to go out – which is to say we’d like to… Continue reading

Back to Announcing

By: Connor Lenahan I really have missed announcing games. This is, I believe, the longest non-summer break I have ever had to take from announcing by virtue of going on Spring Break, having… Continue reading

Rest Easy, Garry Shandling

By: Connor Lenahan This one hurts. Garry Shandling, the man behind amazingly funny shows like The Larry Sanders Show, passed away at 66 today. The Larry Sanders Show is one of the funniest shows I… Continue reading

The Invincible Candy Bob

By: Connor Lenahan Today is one of my favorite holidays of the year: National Puppy Day. Today will not mark the first time I’ve written about my family’s dog Candy Bob, but this… Continue reading

Prayers for Belgium

By: Connor Lenahan It’s another sad day when innocent people lose their lives in the midst of senseless violence, especially when the people behind it are terrorists. To the people of Belgium and… Continue reading