Time for Revenge


By: Connor Lenahan

Two years ago the Boston University Terriers had one of the best seasons in team history. In their first year in the Patriot League they went 15-3 in league play, 27-11 overall by the end of the season, and were poised to go to the NCAA Tournament. This was my freshman year at BU. This was the year I met some of my best friends on the basketball team. This is the season that was supposed to continue as an amazing ride with my newfound Boston family.

That didn’t happen.

Not only were the Terriers the heavy favorites to win the tournament, but were the top overall seed. We steamrolled through Army and Lafayette en route to the Patriot League Championship game. We hosted it at Agganis Arena. We were forty minutes away from the big time – the NCAA tournament. This was a dream, and something that everyone on campus wanted to see.

That didn’t happen.

No, the Patriot League Championship did not come home to Boston. The trophy does not sit proudly in our Athletics department, nor does a banner in our rafters. That’s because the American University Eagles stole what was ours on our court. The photo above is them celebrating their robbery as the Terriers fell.

For two years now the team has wanted to best American at every possible moment. For two years now they’ve wanted another chance to pay them back for knocking us out. For two years I have wanted nothing more than to look at a scoreboard after a Patriot League Tournament game to see the score read “BOSTON: 99 AMERICAN:0.” This is something that we need. This is something that was unrightfully taken from us.

Now is our chance for revenge.

Thursday night the American University Eagles will come back to Boston for the latest Patriot League Tournament. Twice already this year the Terriers have beaten American – once by 11, and then by 20. The past is the past, but with the added chance for revenge in the Patriot League Tournament you best believe the boys are going to be ready.

This is an amazingly huge game for Boston University. Not just the team, but the school. This is the first step towards making the NCAA Tournament. This is possible, and this is a reality. This is no longer hypothetical, this is literal.

The best part of this season has been the massive increase in attendance at basketball games. We need that to continue more than ever. The game is free for all students with BU IDs, and the game is sure to be amazing, especially given the rivalry.

I ask of you only this – in our time of need, with a chance at revenge and redemption at our hands, please join us in righting a wrong this Thursday night. 7PM in Case Gym is officially the Terriers’ time for revenge.