Fourth Season Fireworks


By: Connor Lenahan

I’m only four episodes into the fourth season of House of Cards but, without spoiling anything, it is so flippin’ good. I bring up most everything with this show on Unbreakable because it’s entertaining as all hell. It’s not perfect, it’s not the best show I’ve ever seen, and yet it’s still incredible just to watch.

A lot of this show is about framing. If you’re holding it to the incredible world-construction of Mad MenThe Wire, or Breaking Bad then it doesn’t hold up. But that’s not what House of Cards is. It’s closer to something like Scandal with double the production value.

But that’s okay. This season is the most explicitly action packed in the early going ever. Again, no spoilers, but it’s just terrific. This is what the show should be. It’s far more compelling when fireworks are going off, and this is exactly what’s going on.

This is an amazingly fun show, more now than the last two seasons minimum. Bless this crazy show.