Oh, Hello Spider-Man


By: Connor Lenahan

Well Captain America: Civil War just got even better. I think I had casually forgotten that Spider-Man was due to make his Marvel debut in the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making today’s new trailer for the film come with a terrific surprise.

This movie looks increasingly like a richer version of Avengers 2 with the characters established and well set to fight one another. But just when you think that it’s going to be crazy you toss in Black Panther and Spider-Man. Well that certainly becomes interesting. Something interesting here is that Thor and Hulk are nowhere to be seen.

Is it bad that doesn’t upset me? Thor has his own odd history to him that doesn’t quite click with me. Hulk remains the hardest character to write into movies interestingly. We have a lot of time with these two in the future – Avengers: Infinity War is roughly on the horizon – so popping in some fresh faces will be nice.

Here’s the net: Buy all of your tickets to the first showings now or else I’m going to.