An Open Letter for Fellow Terriers


The past seven days for Boston University have unfortunately been marked by loss. Specifically losses both human and material that have had significant impacts for plenty across our campus. On March 25th a three alarm fire threatened the lives of three students and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to the WTBU news station. Yesterday morning BU lost one of our own, Jai Menon, a freshman in CAS.

These losses alone are tragic, yet their succession only furthers that this has been as dark a week for Boston University as anyone could imagine. A family has lost a son, students have lost a friend, others a home on campus. It’s a fate that no one would wish upon our school and certainly one no one expected.

The loss of Jai Menon is especially tragic. He was only a freshman. He worked through a branch of the Student Activities Office, of which I am also a part. The unfortunate discovery was made at a building that I have called home for the last two summers. Sending your kids off to college can be one of the most amazing, yet terrifying, experiences for any parent to go through. The Menon parents had to receive a phone call yesterday that they were never expecting. You wonder how you can help someone in a time of trouble to help them find brighter days. Out of this dark day, hopefully more people that have needed help will ask for it. On a personal note I have tried to reaffirm to be there for friends in a stressful time of year more than ever.

Sadly, we were largely close to almost losing three more students last week during the WTBU fire. It’s nothing short of miraculous that they were able to survive such a terrible experience largely unharmed, although the damage will need time to heal. But while these lives were saved, a home for many was lost. WTBU has been kind to many and I am thankful to count myself as one of those people. WTBU is an identity and a livelihood for a great deal of my fellow COM classmates and friends. Though the worst outcomes were not realized, the present situation is sad nonetheless. There isn’t a clear answer on how to bring back such a critical part of campus yet, although many have stepped up to make contributions in any way to help expedite the process.

Loss is tragic nearly always. These have not been kind days as of late. I only write this as a way to share the following: If you have a chance to help someone, large or small, to please do it. It’s amazing the impact small actions can have on people. If you’re reading this as a fellow Terrier, you know that we all share similarities besides an alma mater. We are all tired, stressed, anxious, and in need of support from someone – anyone. If you can take even seconds to try and make someone smile you would be amazed at the impact it can have.

This has been a trying time for a place we love. Though the immediate moment may not be perfect, we can get through this all. WTBU will be rebuilt. Jai Menon will be remembered for being a classmate and friend to many. The dark days are going to end, and we are there for each other. Just remember to try and help one another. We are Terriers, one and all.

-Connor Lenahan