Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Chance 3 Soon?

By: Connor Lenahan We are about to hit May and we have already gotten an album from Drake, Beyonce, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and like three from Future. This is already a crazy… Continue reading

Views From Frustration

By: Connor Lenahan Last night was supposed to be an American holiday, which is funny because Aubrey Graham is Canadian. At midnight the collective mind of the world was focused on one thing… Continue reading

Fenway Nights Again

By: Connor Lenahan Two nights in a row. Chris Amrhein is a living Saint. Let’s go sports.

Fenway Nights

By: Connor Lenahan My uncle Chris Amrhein is the type of person to call me an hour before tonight’s Red Sox game and offer me his season tickets for the night. In other… Continue reading

Any Given Wednesday

By: Connor Lenahan It’s about damn time we find out what Bill Simmons TV deal with HBO was going to be. Earlier this afternoon HBO announced that Simmons would be beginning to host Any… Continue reading

BU Today For The Summer

By: Connor Lenahan Today’s article is a shameless self plug – then again, which one isn’t? – but it stems from a great piece of news. Earlier this morning I accepted an offer… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Well that game clinched it, Isaiah Thomas is the greatest basketball player – nay, greatest athlete that has ever lived. I cannot remember the last time I loved watching a… Continue reading

Three Years Announcing

By: Connor Lenahan With this afternoon’s 14-3 victory over Army West Point the Boston University Women’s Lacrosse regular season has come to a close. Along with the regular season, my third season announcing… Continue reading

The Norman Saga

By: Connor Lenahan Well, okay, two days isn’t all that much of a saga, but boy did this story get weird quickly. This time a week ago Josh Norman was the star cornerback… Continue reading

2016: The Year of McDonald’s

By: Connor Lenahan There were plenty of options for what the dominant force for the year was going to be but even in my hungriest of minds I wasn’t guessing that McDonald’s would… Continue reading