Hydraulic Press Magic


By: Connor Lenahan

There is a lot of simple ways to entertain people. Hell, that whole jingling your keys thing works wonders not just on toddlers but on yours truly whenever I’m being fussy. But some small part of all of us enjoys destruction.

Oh come on, like you don’t really like knocking over Jenga towers. It’s cathartic.

On YouTube there is a channel that is miraculously the most popular thing in the world. A joyful man has taken his hydraulic press and decided to use it in the greatest way possible: smashing things.

For example, he crushed the largely indestructible Nokia 3310 cell phone in amazing fashion.

But more incredibly he went full-on Mythbuster and tried to fold a piece of paper seven times.

So not only is the myth that this is physically impossible completely confirmed but he somehow shattered paper. I didn’t know that was possible.

This guy is amazing, and he has an infectious giggle. Please go get lost in his videos and enjoy the destruction.