Early Contender for 2016’s Best Film


By: Connor Lenahan

This article is overdue by about a week, but that was partially intentional. If you live near a theater that gets smaller films to play there is a decent chance that you could go catch Everybody Wants Some!! from Richard Linklater. If this is playing anywhere near you by all means go see it, because it’s already my favorite movie of 2016.

I wasn’t going into this film expecting to love it so much, but then it blew me away. This was a beautiful movie from a bunch of different standpoints. It was predictably visually appealing – Linklater is one of the best directors working today after all. But more so impressive was that this movie juggles a cast spanning an entire college baseball team in the 1980’s without dropping any characters. They’re fully fleshed out – they feel like friends. The casting is eerily perfect. This was a rare moment where a movie could have run 6 hours and you would have been fine with it – it built a delightful fictional world rich in detail.

This will sadly probably not be a huge film late in the year by virtue of distribution, but if this sways even one person to go see it then I’ll be happy.