Marathon Monday 2016


By: Connor Lenahan

Last year’s Marathon Monday was far from perfect. It rained, it was genuinely cold, I had to work 12-5. It was awful. Almost no one I knew enjoyed the festivities last year knowing that the best possible Patriot’s Day is spent in the sun enjoying one of the most iconic sporting events in the country.

This year’s marathon was damn near perfect. Aside from my significant sunburn that makes me look like Bob the Tomato, today was spent with some of my favorite people. Friends from all years at Boston University, including getting to spend time with friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year.

This weekend was perfect. Today was perfect. This was awesome.

Boston is unique in that we had a holiday today. It struck me how weird that was that my family and friends in other locales weren’t spending today walking on the street and enjoying the festivities. This again goes to show that Boston truly is the greatest.

This will be a highlight day for a long time.