2016: The Year of McDonald’s


By: Connor Lenahan

There were plenty of options for what the dominant force for the year was going to be but even in my hungriest of minds I wasn’t guessing that McDonald’s would be it. Wendy’s, maybe. But McDonald’s?

Yet here we are.

There are a couple of fun things happening for the burger chain this year. Even just now there is a lot. Let’s start in delicious fashion where there is a McDonald’s in Missouri that is offering all-you-can-eat fries. Wait, I’m sorry, my last sentence just distracted me. Can I move to Missouri? This is a brilliant concept for the restaurant. There are a ton of people that like to seek out the golden arches for the fries, why not make it ultimately rewarding? This does not constitute a company-wide initiative but here’s hoping it will be.

But then there’s fun things happening with the burgers themselves. The legendary brand has started to experiment with different versions of the Big Mac. There’s the Mac Jr, a smaller size of the classic sandwich that is something that I will probably never consume. Then there’s the Grand Mac, which is an ever larger version of the Big Mac that I will likely consume every day upon its arrival in Boston. Again, this is a revolutionary change for the Golden Arches.

But last but certainly not least, The Founder. What if I told you there was going to be a movie about the founding of McDonald’s starring Michael Keaton in a potentially huge role that looks amazing. A trailer for this movie just came online too.

That’s it, this is officially the year of McDonald’s.