Three Years Announcing


By: Connor Lenahan

With this afternoon’s 14-3 victory over Army West Point the Boston University Women’s Lacrosse regular season has come to a close. Along with the regular season, my third season announcing sports at BU wrapped up today. It was a sad day today in that I don’t have any games to look forward to working in the near future.

This is my favorite thing to do at school. My boss Dan Mercurio casually and correctly pointed out that I’ve likely announced upwards of 100 games during my time at school and that’s probably a conservative estimate. Despite the fact I don’t have the correct figure for games announced I am astonished it’s even theoretically high.

When I came to BU I was hoping to maybe announce a game. I was going to be a happy man if I took the mic for a basketball game, period. Three years later and I have blown past that expectation by a mile.

So while it was a sad day, it was also a happy one. For three years I’ve been lucky enough to get to do my favorite activity on campus all year long, make great friends doing it, and have fun every single time. It was sad in theory, but amazing in execution, as it always is.

This is going to be a nice stretch to rest my voice, but I’m already itching to get another chance to hop on the mic soon. Next year starts year four… senior year.


That was fast.