Monthly Archive: April, 2016


By: Connor Lenahan All hell has finally broken loose with an NFL Draft! This is exciting because teams normally don’t trade away the top pick in the draft. Certainly this doesn’t happen for… Continue reading

Civil War Watch

By: Connor Lenahan Slowly but surely we are approaching the biggest movie event of the year:┬áCaptain America: Civil War. The super-sized film was already exciting enough every time some new piece of information… Continue reading

Marathon Monday 2016

By: Connor Lenahan Last year’s Marathon Monday was far from perfect. It rained, it was genuinely cold, I had to work 12-5. It was awful. Almost no one I knew enjoyed the festivities… Continue reading

Celtics, I’m Your Man

By: Connor Lenahan Last night in Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs for the Boston Celtics starting guard Avery Bradley appeared to have severely hurt his hamstring. Suddenly the Celtics are down a… Continue reading

Trying to Show Laura Videos

By: Connor Lenahan The following video is not only laugh out loud hilarious but scarily accurate with regards to every movie, or trailer, or video in general that I try to show my… Continue reading

Three Years Later

By: Connor Lenahan It’s positively surreal that today marks three years after the tragedy of the 2013 Boston Marathon attacks. While this weekend leading into Patriot’s Day is always a personal favorite, it… Continue reading

Early Contender for 2016’s Best Film

By: Connor Lenahan This article is overdue by about a week, but that was partially intentional. If you live near a theater that gets smaller films to play there is a decent chance… Continue reading

Kobe’s Curtain Call

By: Connor Lenahan To be completely honest, I’ve never been a huge Kobe Bryant fan. There’s a great chance that I rooted for him more passionately in my uber-NBA fandom as a child,… Continue reading

Why Did Microwave S’mores Take Me So Long?

By: Connor Lenahan I am not a smart person. I knew this, you knew this, I certainly knew it, and I’m guessing you knowed it too. See, I have never lived on my… Continue reading

John Holland Goes Pro

   By: Connor Lenahan It’s not every day that a Boston University alum gets picked up to play in the NBA. That is to say this was an unexpected amazing piece of news… Continue reading